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East Preston & Kingston Bowls Club Home

Welcome to our new Website developed by John Collis during June and July this year using software supplied and supported free by HugoFox, with the support of the Management Committee.

The HugoFox software is recommended by Bowls England as a good website development and support platform. HugoFox is used by many bowls clubs and a number of other sports clubs both locally and across the UK.

The key difference between this website and our previous one is that it has much more in the way of dynamic rather than static pages, as we are now able to add, delete and edit any page ourselves.  It has been developed initially to replicate our previous website, thus keeping the changeover simple and familiar to all before adding any new features.  During the course of the next few months we can and will develop the site further, but for now, it's just good to be back up and running. 

Some pages do have a slightly different look and presentation, but the content is the same. However, please be aware that due to the Coronavirus, the fixture pages only have fictitious data to purely to show how the pages are viewed and the gallery is only showing examples from previous years.

Our website name remains the same and when logging on, the address is www.epkbc@org.uk.

East Preston Bowls Club is a mixed club, primarily an outdoor bowls club but also has indoor facilities in our Clubhouse using two 45 feet long mats for short mat bowls during the winter months. We have a whole range of social activities during the year many of which support our members during the gloomier days of winter. We are a growing community club in both numbers, and ambition to provide facilities and events which meet the needs of existing and potential members.

New people from complete beginners to seasoned players are most welcome and we provide the woods to borrow and have fully qualified coaching for beginners and intermediates.

With the exception of our green maintenance and cleaners, we are a club run by volunteer members who take pride in keeping our club the best in the area. (Well that’s what we think).

Maintenance to our buildings and surrounding areas is also provided by a small band of men who volunteer to carry out various small jobs throughout the year.  Of course, we must mention our ladies who provide the lovely refreshments we all enjoy after matches, which are always ready and waiting for us when we come in off the green.  They also provide and prepare almost all of the refreshments for our social evenings, lunches etc.  

We would love to meet you, show you around, and let you try bowling on the outside green or on the indoor mats (according to season). Why not come along to our next open day or evening.   All you need to start is a pair of flat shoes with no heels. We provide free coaching and have woods available at the Club to get you started. The cost of membership is very reasonable so please explore this site and contact us to learn more.

East Preston & Kingston Bowls Club Home